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Created to Live in Harmony with God

Efrain Posada – September 10, 2023

Do you know that God know’s you and minsters to you specifically? He hears our cries and directs us in the way that we should go. As we read the Bible, we see that the Word of God speaks to us about the various areas of our lives. However, it’s one thing to hear it, but it’s a completely different thing to actually live it out in our daily lives. This week Elder Efrain Posada shares with us the importance of living in harmony with God.

The Best is Yet to Come
The Beast from the Sea
Remembering Who You Are
Responding To The Lord
In The Wilderness
Trying to Block the Truth
A Message for Fathers
Always Be Ready
A Message from India
The Journey of Life
You Are a Priest
Jesus Our King, Redeemer & Older Brother
The God of the Hopless Situation
Learning to Live in Freedom
El que Cree en su Corazon Quien es su Creador
The Transforming Power of the Risen Christ
Seven Words from the Cross
A Fresh Look at Palm Sunday
De Dónde Nace él Amor
Being Mighty in the Lord
Seeking the Lord
War & Peace
Los Ojos de Dios Estan Sobre Ti
When God Says No!
The Chronicler's History
The Master of Break Throughs
El Camino Del Amor
Charge It To My Account
Reminders From 2 Timothy
The Mystery of Godliness
As He Spoke Long Ago...
Life of a Contagious Church
Todo Pertence a Dios
What are You Expecting for Christmas?
Israel's Calendar & the Ministry of Jesus
What the Lord Requires
Jesus: Our Perfect Sacrifice
Stand Firm!
Watch Your Mouth
The Glory and Goodness of God
The Earth is the Lords
Dios Escucha tu Oracion y tu Corazon
A Visit from El Rancho Del Rey
The Blessed Life

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